Shangri-la Hotel Shoot

Ronnie explains to Jeff Froehlich, Director of Sales & Marketing, how the GigaPan works.

April 6 – The first of several days for the  Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver GigaPan shoot. It was a long 12-hour work day that started at 10am. Today’s shoot:

  • Orchid Suite (day and night scenes)
  • Conway Room Foyer
  • Conway Room (360° plus 2 views from different angles)

Next shoot will be on the 11th for the hotel’s Lower Lobby.

Special thanks to:

  • David Bachtel, Events Manager
  • Zoran Kovacevic, Night Manager
  • Stephane Moutte, Chef Concierge
  • David Musson, Director of Security
  • Michael Shumas, Guest Services Manager
  • Aleksandra Vukojevic, Director of Rooms