Gigapixel Photo from the Air

I always want to push the limits of technology and create something no one has done yet using existing tools. Is it technically possible to shoot a gigapixel photo from the air using a robotic panohead such as the GigaPan or the Clauss Rodeon VR? This seems to be difficult to achieve because of so many factors, primarily the stability of the robotic panoramic head on a hovering helicopter and the time to complete a single panorama.

To get a feel of the process, I chartered a helicopter from Helijet on Aug 26, 2012. I spoke with Capt. Erin Johnstone who was very cool about the idea after explaining to her my objectives. For the 60 minute test flight, I just shot handheld using a Canon 5D MKII with an EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. We flew over various spots of Vancouver. During the flight, Erin explained to me the flight restrictions over Vancouver such the the minimum hovering height, flight boundaries, etc. – info that I have to consider if and when I go ahead with the full gigapixel project.

Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography
Ronnie Miranda preparing for take-off (photo by Hilary Jardine)

Helijet’s Capt. Erin Johnstone


Here are the test panoramas from the flight. Each panorama is made up of about 30 individual photos stitched together. As you can see, there are many issues. But as a test, the images came out well considering that this was my very first attempt.

Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography

Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography

Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography

Reventon Super Estrella

Los Angeles radio station La Super Estrella 107.1 brought a ton of latino heavyweights to the Staples Center on August 10, 2012 for its annual Reventon celebration summer concert. To engage fans, Entravision Communications Corporation, parent company of Super Estrella, commissioned Ronnie Miranda to create a gigapixel photo of the event which was integrated with Facebook using GigaTag.

GPXtag Launched

After more than 10 months of planning and development, GPXtag has finally launched!

Gigapixel photo tagging has been growing in popularity for several months now. However, all existing platforms are Flash-based, have limited features and functionality. Some don’t provide TRUE Facebook tagging, and not one provides any Twitter image tagging.

GPXtag changed all that.

First, I wanted to create a platform that will work on smartphone and tablet devices. Therefore, it should not use Flash. Second, I wanted to have a very simple, clean, fast and intuitive interface. The focus should be the image – buttons and tags should not clutter or cover-up the image. And third, I wanted to provide true social media integration and sharing functionality with both Facebook and Twitter.

GPXtag is the FIRST and ONLY non-Flash based Facebook and Twitter gigapixel photo tagging platform that works on the iPad and Android devices.

Scarves Up! Seattle

AT&T wanted to demonstrate its significant commitment to the Seattle community. Teaming up with the Sounders FC, Radarworks developed a season-long promotion offering exclusive value to the Sounders FC’s passionate fan base. To amplify brand engagement, Radarworks commissioned Ronnie Miranda to shoot a gigapixel panorama for the AT&T Scarves Up! Facebook gaming app.

Seattle Sounders vs Colorado Rapids on April 14, 2012 at Century Link Field, Seattle, WA. The 6,447 megapixel image is composed of 600 photos and was captured using a Canon 5D MKII, Canon EF 300mm f/4 L IS USM lens and the Clauss Rodeon VR Station ST.