GPXtag Launched

After more than 10 months of planning and development, GPXtag has finally launched!

Gigapixel photo tagging has been growing in popularity for several months now. However, all existing platforms are Flash-based, have limited features and functionality. Some don’t provide TRUE Facebook tagging, and not one provides any Twitter image tagging.

GPXtag changed all that.

First, I wanted to create a platform that will work on smartphone and tablet devices. Therefore, it should not use Flash. Second, I wanted to have a very simple, clean, fast and intuitive interface. The focus should be the image – buttons and tags should not clutter or cover-up the image. And third, I wanted to provide true social media integration and sharing functionality with both Facebook and Twitter.

GPXtag is the FIRST and ONLY non-Flash based Facebook and Twitter gigapixel photo tagging platform that works on the iPad and Android devices.