Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Eagle migration to the Chehalis/Harrison River Estuary to feed on spawning Coho and Chum Salmon occurs from December to February. On December 18, 2010, a total count of 7,362 eagles in a 2 sq km section of the flats set a world record high! This eagle concentration is perhaps the 3rd largest in the world after the Chilkat River, Alaska, and Squamish River, BC.

Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography

Ashley and I ventured to the Chehalis River on Dec 1, 2012. Since I’ve already created a gigapixel photo of the eagles last year, I wanted Ashley to capture one this time around. It was also her first time to visit and experience the place. We were lucky with the weather – it was raining the whole day but it stopped during our shoot.

Ronnie Miranda Gigapixel Photography

Special thanks to David Hancock, Karen Bills and Jo-Anne Chadwick of Fraser River Safari.