Scarves Up! Seattle

AT&T wanted to demonstrate its significant commitment to the Seattle community. Teaming up with the Sounders FC, Radarworks developed a season-long promotion offering exclusive value to the Sounders FC’s passionate fan base. To amplify brand engagement, Radarworks commissioned Ronnie Miranda to shoot a gigapixel panorama for the AT&T Scarves Up! Facebook gaming app.

Seattle Sounders vs Colorado Rapids on April 14, 2012 at Century Link Field, Seattle, WA. The 6,447 megapixel image is composed of 600 photos and was captured using a Canon 5D MKII, Canon EF 300mm f/4 L IS USM lens and the Clauss Rodeon VR Station ST.

Multiplicity: Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski

Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski is a champion equestrienne, television host and actress from the Philippines. She was a gold medalist in the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea. She is the niece of former Philippine President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, first cousin of fellow actress Kris Aquino and current Philippine President Noynoy Aquino.

I’ve known Mikee since 1997 when I created her official website which I continue to maintain to this day. I created some CGI visual effects for her TV show "Mikee" in 1997 and also provided some computer tech support for her through the years.

Equestrienne Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski

Equestrienne Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski

Having seen several multiplicity gigapixel action images, I wanted to create something similar. Mikee was very excited about the idea when I proposed it to her in 2011. We finally had the chance to execute this project during my brief visit to the Philippines in early 2012. Special thanks to Alice Dixson, Michelle Barrera (Mikee’s niece and fellow equestrienne) and Renacelle Cruz-Punzalan for their assistance during the shoot at Manila Polo Club.


Mikee & Ronnie

Michelle, Mikee, Ronnie & Alice


Vancouver from Fairview

Vancouver’s skyline from the neighborhood of Fairview is one of the most popular views of the city. It is difficult to gain access to any building in the area to shoot a gigapixel photo for several hours. But on Feb 27, 2012, with the help of Hweely Lim and Matt Ward, I finally had the chance to shoot from a building with a breathtaking 240-degree view.

Vancouver from Fairview The Day version is a 6.77-gigapixel image (6,766 megapixels) composed of 840 individual photos stitched together and taken with a Canon 5D MKII and a Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM lens.

The Dusk and Night versions are 1-gigapixel images made up of 110 photos each and shot with a Canon 5D MKII and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens.
Vancouver from Fairview at Dusk

Vancouver from Fairview at Night

GigaLinc: Immersive Gigapixel Photography

Ronnie Miranda (left) and Samuel Cox

Gigapixel photographer Ronnie Miranda staged GigaLinc: An Immersive Gigapixel Photography Exhibit at the Blue Moon Theatre of the Shangri-la Hotel in Vancouver, BC on October 13th & 14th, 2011. The exhibit was held in collaboration with Samuel Cox who developed GigaLinc for his Master’s degree in Digital Imaging and Photography at the University of Lincoln, UK.

GigaLinc is an exhibition that allows participants to interactively explore large-scale panoramic images. Gigapixel images (100 times the information captured by a 10 megapixel digital camera) are digitally projected onto a large screen that allows viewers to navigate and explore the image in detail using Kinect-based hand-gestures, zooming in and out of areas of particular interest. Surround-sound adds to the multi-sensory experience.

GigaLinc explores the world of immersive photography and the possibilities it offers for changing the way we look at and use photographic images. It does this through digital technologies that allows the viewer to ‘step inside’ and move around large panoramic images, presented in astonishing levels of detail. As the perspective changes, the viewer feels as if he or she is actually ‘immersed’ in the scene.

The technology consists of several features: the hand tracking utilizes an Xbox Kinect to input gesture based commands that runs on open source software. Arduino allows the participants to select their image just by tapping one touch-pad on the floor.



The gigalinc immersive technology was a truly outstanding experience. To be taken right into the scene and be able to view the images using your own movements was an amazing experience. The interaction with the images was so futuristic I felt that I was in a movie set years into the future.
Jeff Froehlich, Director of Sales and Marketing, Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

The GigaLinc Immersive experience is a great way for brands to attract attention to their products or services in a live setting. As a sponsorship consultant working with many brands and properties, the possibilities for sponsors to activate their partnerships and engage live audiences at major sporting events, festivals, retail locations, and tradeshows are endless.
Deborah Jones, Sponsorship Central

The Gigalinc experience is unlike anything else. Captain your own roller coaster ride through massive landscapes and crowd scenes using hand gestures to zoom in and out to discovering facial expressions and other small details. It’s an incredible sensory experience, it almost feels like flying.
Tanis Tsisserev, APR, T2 Communications Inc.

Photography has always been a passion of mine and even though I didn’t think it was possible the Gigalinc Immersive Experience has truly changed the landscape. The amount of interactivity that will now be a part of viewing photos is incredible. Thank you for showcasing this product at the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver.
Adam Nagy, Digital Marketing Manager, Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

BC Place Stadium Re-Opening

The new BC Place Stadium reopened on September 30, 2011. Renovations, upgrades and its new cable-supported retractable roof cost CA$563 million. The opening game was between the CFL’s BC Lions and the Edmonton Eskimos. Ronnie Miranda created a 4.8 gigapixel image of the opening ceremonies.

Ronnie Miranda shooting a gigapixel image & timelapse during re-opening night.


CTV News at 11:30pm with Keri Adams, Michael Kuss & Jason Pires (Oct 4, 2011)

Ronnie created a 2nd gigapixel image on October 2, 2011 for first game of the Vancouver Whitecaps MLS at the new stadium.

Canada Day 2011

Canada Day 2011 is a 7.2 billion pixel image, 90° view of the famous Vancouver skyline from across Stanley Park. The image is composed of 1224 individual photos taken on July 1, 2011 using a GigaPan EPIC Pro, Canon EOS Rebel T2i and a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM. The horizontal banding is due to the change in cloud and lighting conditions during the 90 minute shoot. It is the largest digital photo ever created of the Vancouver Skyline as of July 2011.

2011 Stanley Cup Fan Zone

Peter Grainger of CTV News BC interviewed Ronnie Miranda for the GigaPan images he created of the 2011 Stanley Cup Canucks Game 5 Fan Zone. The feature was aired on June 13, 2011. As part of the story and with the help of CTV News, Ronnie created a 2.4 gigapixel panorama of the Vancouver Canucks away game viewing at Rogers Arena for Game 6.

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CTV News with Mike Killeen and Tamara Taggart (Jun 13, 2011)

UPDATE: On June 15, 2011, Ronnie Miranda captured and created a 2.11 gigapixel image of the Game 7 Stanley Cup Canucks Fan Zone before the riots broke out. The image has received international attention (see below) and has more than 7.0 millions hits as of May 28, 2012. It was also used as the cover of the official independent review of 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Playoffs Riot.


Vancouver Whitecaps GigaTag

Vancouver Whitecaps FC brought their Major League Soccer debut on March 19, 2011 at Empire Field to the fans with GigaTag.

GigaPan Vancouver Whitecaps
Northeast View

GigaPan Vancouver Whitecaps
Southwest View

Two 2-gigapixel panoramas were created. Each one was made up of 200 photos stitched together taken over a 20 minute span. With GigaTag, users can explore and zoom into incredible detail, find themselves and their friends, then tag and share on Facebook. The Whitecaps are the very first-ever Canadian entity to use GigaTag.

CTV News at 11:30pm with Keri Adams, Michael Kuss & Jason Pires (March 24, 2011)

Downtown Vancouver 10 Gigapixels

Downtown Vancouver is a 10 billion pixel image, 160° view of downtown Vancouver, BC Canada. The image is composed of 1380 individual photos taken on December 17, 2010 using a GigaPan EPIC Pro, Canon EOS Rebel T2i and a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM.

The famous North Shore Mountains (Cypress, Lions, Grouse and Seymour) are in the backdrop. On the left is English Bay. Spanning the width is False Creek with the Yaletown condos (left), Cambie Street Bridge (center), and on the right, BC Place Stadium with its new retractable roof under construction, Rogers Arena, Port Metro Vancouver, Olympic Athlete’s Village and Science World. The tallest building (center) is the Living Shangri-la Tower.


CTV News at 11:30pm with Keri Adams, Michael Kuss & Jason Pires (Jan 12, 2011)