Gigapixel Panoramas and 360° Photos

Visit the New Snapshots Section Edinburgh 352° from Nelson Monument at Calton Hil Edinburgh Sunset from Calton Hill Edinburgh Castle West View Paris 360° from Shangri-la Hotel Paris

We create high-quality immersive gigapixel images, 360° object photos and virtual tours

For marketing, advertising, social media, TV & film visual effects, forensic science, security and more!
Contact us for a gigapixel photo shoot for any event, to license a gigapixel image or for product and equipment inquiries.

IN THE NEWS was an exhibitor at TEDGlobal 2013


Distributor of Gigapixel Photography Equipment


and create your own gigapixel photos.

Clauss RODEON Scan for 3D laser scanning now available!

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Professional quality high-resolution prints of our gigapixel panoramic photos are now available to order. Visit the Gallery and click on the "Buy Print" button below the image.

* FOR SALE * The FIRST and only non-Flash based Facebook and Twitter tagging platform for gigapixel images that works on the iPad and Android devices.