Richmond Olympic Oval

Shot two 360° GigaPans of the Richmond Olympic Oval today. Each set consisted of 312 18-megapixel photos for a total of 624 photos which took 3 hours to complete.

The Oval was the venue for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Speed Skating events. Most of the banners and decors have been removed. But some will remain as part of the Olympic legacy.

Special thanks to Mr. Aran Kay (Assistant Manager, Communications & Brand Development) for making the shoot possible and to the helpful staff members (below).

Shangri-la Hotel Shoot

Ronnie explains to Jeff Froehlich, Director of Sales & Marketing, how the GigaPan works.

April 6 – The first of several days for the  Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver GigaPan shoot. It was a long 12-hour work day that started at 10am. Today’s shoot:

  • Orchid Suite (day and night scenes)
  • Conway Room Foyer
  • Conway Room (360° plus 2 views from different angles)

Next shoot will be on the 11th for the hotel’s Lower Lobby.

Special thanks to:

  • David Bachtel, Events Manager
  • Zoran Kovacevic, Night Manager
  • Stephane Moutte, Chef Concierge
  • David Musson, Director of Security
  • Michael Shumas, Guest Services Manager
  • Aleksandra Vukojevic, Director of Rooms