Gigapixel Photo Facebook & Twitter Tagging and Fan Engagement Platform!


Deliver social media interaction with immersive gigapixel images to growing market of mobile device users! GPXtag is a highly customizable platform for the client’s brand and requirements.


Users can interact with the gigapixel image, then tag and share it with their friends and network on Facebook, Twitter or via Email. Users can also post custom messages on the tags or posts.

See How It Works – Live Demo


Extend your audience engagement even after an event! Allows your audience and customers to relive the event by exploring high-resolution gigapixel panoramic images.

Launched in the Summer of 2012, GPXtag was the very first platform to offer gigapixel photo fan engagement for all mobile and tablet devices. We were first to conceptualize, create and delivery a fan engagement tool specifically for gigapixel panorama images that is 100% compatible with iOS and Android devices. No apps to install or any add-ons required.

GPXtag is an interactive tool that provides TRUE user profile integration, tagging and sharing for both Facebook and Twitter.


  • The FIRST HTML5 gigapixel photo tagging platform compatible with iOS and Android devices. Reach a wider audience by engaging the growing market of tablet users with interactive gigapixel images
  • Clean, simple, intuitive, elegant and fun interface
  • Multiple Language Support – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.
  • SEO analytics, statistics and reporting

  • True integration with Facebook and Twitter. Tags linked directly to a user’s Facebook and Twitter profile.
  • Find yourself then tag and share on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email
  • Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons on individual tags
  • Include a comment or description in individual tags
  • Search for tags or tagged friends in the gigapixel image
  • Filter tags and display only your tags and or other people’s tags

  • Capture a snapshot, then post to Facebook, Twitter, or send via email. Link zooms in to the exact coordinates of the snapshot.
  • Post or share a URL with the exact coordinates of your current view to Facebook, Twitter, or via email. Link zooms in to the exact coordinates.

  • Branding; custom icons, logos and watermark
  • Optional bar for corporate sponsors, advertisements or announcements with hot links.

  • Use for science, education and research purposes. As a medium of instruction where students can identify parts in a photo, for example, labeling parts of a plant. Scientists and researchers can also identify details in gigapixel photo, put descriptive text and share it for collaborative work or use as a learning tool.